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a national day of service. the president and first lady set an example with a stop in northeast d.c. the first couple toured three habitat for humanity homes and pitched in to help paint. volunteers from serve d.c. did their part as the veterans affairs medical center in northwest. they helped spruce up the outdoor area by adding flowers to planters and visited some of the patients thanks the veterans for their service to our country. >>> agriculture secretary tom vilsack marked the day of service. he delivered fresh produce from the people's gardens. he rolled up his sleeves helping staff prep meals. >>> the quiet remembrances of 9/11 broken up by a moment of pan oath potomac. starting with the coast guard drill, then someone overheard a radio transmission. the next think this you know, a security alert plaered on national cable news networks. it was a misunderstanding. claudia coffey has more to on this one to sort it out for you. -- us. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the boats are here for what is being described as a low- profile training mission. that mission created a lot o
themselves in d.c. >> reporter: it is a dream come true for tourism officials in d.c. one of the hottest novel of the year is set in the nation's capital. already copies of dan brown's the lost symbol are flying off shelves. >> definitely love dan brown. i think he has some very interesting stories. >> i like reading books set in d.c. >> reporter: the thriller stars robert langdon who finds clues. it starts in the row opportunity a under a painting of george washington as godlish. the founding father was also a mason, the world's largest fraternity. in the past, masons have been characterized as steeped in secrecy. local masonic leaders say that's a myth but they'll take their 15 minutes of fame. >> every one that i've been talking to has been finding it to be interesting and there are some chuckles going on. and the flavor of the day, at least for this week. and then by next week, people will move on and go someplace else. >> reporter: d.c. tourism ficial hope the people will become visitor to the city. they've set up a website telling fans of the lost symbol, where they can find the lo
this school year. >>> at d.c. native and now hollywood star actress t he want raji henson sits own with allison and talks about the character she plays in her latest movie, tyler perry's, "i can do bad all by myself." >>> the entertainment world mourning the loss of another icon, actor patricswayze dead at the age of 57 after a nearly two-year battle with pancreatic cancer. thank you for joining us this tuesday. i'm steve chenevey. >> i'm gurvir dhindsa. we're glad you could be here. we'll have more on the life and career of patrick swayze coming up in just a couple of minutes. tony is in with our check of the forecast. >> good morning to you. we have another fine day on tap if you liked yesterday. >> beautiful. >> sunshine, mid-80s. more of the same today. >> okay. >> i like bearing that news. we'll start with the current picture of the satellite-radar and again, this morning, mostly clear skies once again. can you see that area of high pressure dominating the mid- atlantic. the clouds going around it well to the north across northern pennsylvania and new york state and down to th
for about 6,000 deaths each year. a two-day summit in d.c. is aimed at getting drivers' eyes back on the roads including the debated whether hand free cell phones belong in the category. researchers say fiddling with the radio and programming your gps can be deadly. >> when you take your eyes off the road or talk on the phone while you are driving, even for just a few seconds, you put your life in danger. and you put other lives in danger also. >> the group will look at how to address the problem through education, legislation and enforcement. >>> car crashes taking a back seat to drugs as the leading killer in some states. today the government announced new numbers showing drug- induced deaths out pacing roadway deaths in 16 states including maryland. that is double the number a few years ago. >>> the news edge on virginia. a teen girl nearly snatched off the street on her way home from school. wisdom martin is live outside the police station to fill us in on the latest developments. >> reporter: this happened tuesday afternoon around 5:00. the 15-year-old girl was heading home f
they will order more, if necessary. >>> d.c.s metro system is protecting from the swine flu. they are using disinfectant. every train and bus is being cleaned on a weekly basis. they are asking passengers to do their part by covering their mouth or nose when sneezing or coughing. wall street stocks closed at a high for the year. the economy is experiencing moderate growth. it will still feel like a weak economy. congress released figures showing total retail sales were up in the last month. >>> companies are taking notice of spending and trying to cash in on nontraditional ways. one is toys "r" us, hoping for a big holiday season ahead. we have details on what they are doing about it. >> reporter: well, this move will create a number of seasonal jobs at shopping centers in northern virgia. for the nation's most well known toy seller, its new locations are us. they won't be permanent. it's like the halloween stores that spring up. 80 toys "r" us holiday express stores will open up. the temporary toy stores will be in virginia at springfield mall, fair oaks mall. none in d.c. or maryland. why
targeting one of d.c.'s busiest strips on the the busiest bar nights. will partygoers look another way home and sue's forecast. >>> was the first day of fall hot enough for you? how about humid enough? we have a few thunderstorms out there. a check of the forecast is next, brian. >>> did you know there is a national ammo shortage right now? bullets are flying off the shelves. bulletmakers working around the clock can't keep up with the high demand. typically americans by 7 billion rounds each year. the nra said it jumped to 9 billion over the past year. why? gun advocates say there is a public perception that president obama is plotting to crackdown on gun laws.  >> we're catching a -- where catching a cab could be harder for some. taxi drivers who have a beef with the city council are planning a selective strike. their target? adams morgan on weekend nights. john henrehan is live in the entertainment district with the latest. john. >> reporter: adams morgan is probably the biggest entertainment in the district of columbia and angry cab drivers are poised to strike, not this coming
>> back in washington, d.c., the ian rand institute speaking at the d.c. rally today and you and i have spoken many times and never spoke about the issue on the air but we have, i talked to you in my office, here in new york city and we had lunch one day, and i'm a big fan of ian rand and i dismiss her godlessness like i think you dismiss the fact i believe in god, but i think, two people like both of us, can come together, our country was founded on the idea that me being a believer in god or you an objectist does not harm me or you as long as we don't cannibalize each other, would you say that is fair? >> well, i think that is right and the founding father understood that and that is why there is a separation of church and state and as long as we can agree on that separation and keeping it strong, absolutely we can continue to fight. but, i do think that if we try to defend capitalism and try to defend freedom on the basis of the judeo-christian morality we are in trouble, because i think that morality is much more consistent with socialism than capitalism and the country was fou
somewhere else. safety for cars is important. >> washington, d.c. is now following best practices. a majority of the jurisdictions do not require all the calls to come into inspection. so, why washington, d.c. has been doing it for all these years is just one of those things that we haven't come into the 21st century. >> taxis and commercial vehicles have to get seaflt inspections. everyone will be required to get emission tests. >>> cover your mouth, carry tissues, hand sanitizer is some of the precautions metro wants riders to take to keep swine flu from spreading. transit agency says simple good hygiene can cut the risk of catching the virus. >>> 22 to $30 million is the cash needed to start a commuter ferry service on the potomac river. tonight prince william officials will meet to decide whether to endorse the plan. video of test runs last spring. it's predicted it would make 340,000 trips a year. they would take about an hour, cost 11 bucks round-ip. >>> next here at 6:00, why terror raids in new york city are leading to a warning across the entire nation. from mount vernon
. mainly light showers in d.c. and new york city. temperatures there in the upper 60s. 61 for your high in boston. across the southeast, the rain will be the big story today. also tomorrow you can see heavy thunderstorms in jacksonville, tallahassee. more 60s in the northeast. and if you're watching wwbt in nbc 12 in richmond, virginia, experience interactive illusions that baffle your brain at light visions eyesight to starlight at the science museum of virginia. and that's your eastern event of the day. christina. >> all right. thanks so much. >>> now here's an early look at this morning's headlines in entertainment. >>> celebrity whining may see like it's at an all-time high. but in jessica simpson's case, it's hard not to sympathize a little bit. her country music career has tanked. her long-time boyfriend dallas cowboy quarterback tony romo broke up with her on her birthday. now simpson launched a twitter campaign to help locate her dog daisy. it seems right before her eyes daisy was snatched away by a coyoty. okay. laugh at lindsay lohan's partying ways. now she's regularly bringi
the wheel. d.c. police alerted business owners citywide to upgrade the stand alone atm machine. a spokesman says the hydro ram was stolen from a fire station left open by accident while firefighters responded to a call. officials familiar with the hydro ram say training is needed to know how to operate it properly. >>> the news edge on a developing story. the growing backlash over a speech president obama plans to deliver from a virginia school. who would have thought a stay in school message could be controversial. but some are raising suspicions about next week's seemingly innocuous speech. fox 5's tom fitzgerald on the controversy. >> reporter: this is starting to take off. loudoun county officials are saying they have decided not to broadcast the president's speech to the school tuesday. this news comes after parents and some educators across the country have gun to question what president obama will say in that speech. this all started when the white house announced that president obama would visit wakefield high school over in arlington county to deliver what is called a back to schoo
the lowdown on what thieves are looking for. >>> also ahead, d.c. leader's right-hand man busted for bribery. how did the alleged crime go past couple majority jim graham. >>> and tracking changes for the weekend. sue? you started to feel the changes today. we had a significant drop in temperatures. some places in the 60s and headed fort 50s tonight. -- i will have a timetable for rain moving in for the weekend. the full forecast is later on the news at 6. >> now the news edge on d.c. we're learning more about the scandal at city hall. police arrested ted loza, councilman jim graham's chief of staff yesterday charged with taking $1,500 in bribes. the investigators revealethey arrested loza after he agreed in using his influence to put together new taxi cab legislation. what is councilman graham saying about all of this and how much did he know? listen to what he told the news edge that has us scratching our heads. i never had a conversation with ted loza where he came to me saying could you do this or that. >> how could jim graham never talk to his chief of staff of legislation his office is
:30 tonight. the d.c. police are looking into the crime scene. in all, four people were shot and one of the victims has died. now sources tell fox 5 news that one of the victims may have been a witness in a shooting and was set to testify in court. tonight, family members are still trying to learn what happened. it has been a painful night for people on hamilton street. four people were shot in the rear of this home, one of them killed. police say a lot of gunfire was sprayed through the alley. >> it is still too early to tell what happened. we're talking to other witnesses, so right now it is early to tell what happened. so we'll wait to see what the witness statements indicate. >> reporter: the crime scene tape was wrapped around the entire neighborhood. the multiple shooting has almost shut down the street. relatives who know the people who live inside the home were very worried. >> that is all i want to know. how do i -- they know their child -- that is all i need to know is if the nephew is okay. >> reporter: while police put the pieces of this violent night together residents
million dollar drug sting and one is a former d.c. police officer. we'll learn more about that bust today when police in st. mary's county hold a news conference. investigators a the ringed intoed southern maryland with cocaine. police will seize the ring's assets. investigators from calvert, charles and prince georges county will join the dea to talk about how this ring impacted neighboring communities. >>> a traffic nightmare may object the horizon in northern virginia because of a base realignment and closure project. improvements are coming to the interchange at the fairfax county parkway and the franconia springfield park wait a minute a four-lane section that would provide direct access to i-95. the army is moving 8500 employees to that facility which means that you can expect more traffic. >> you don't sleep at night. your anxiety level is high. you don't like it. what can you do? you kind bear with it and go with the changes. >> most of the work is contained within the engineering proving grounds. there will be some work tying on either end. >> a detour will be in place guiding dr
d.c. rail option. >> the train will make five stops before arriving at union station. the return trip will happen each evening. the pilot program is scheduled to last three years. >>> firefighters in norther virginia are investigating an early-morning house fire. flames ripped through this home in the 5000 block of annendale. firefighters are unable to get inside the home because of the damage to the structure. it made it unstable. there were conflicting reports from neighbors as to whether there was anyone inside at the time. but firefighters say no one has been found. >>> just getting started tonight. coming up, several teens at a local high school could face charges as police investigate incidents of their sexting in their schools. >>> rear-ended her at 50 miles per hour. admitted afterwards to painting her nails while driving. >> families who have been impact by accidents caused by distracted drivers are speaking out. as officials meet here to figure out how to deal with the problem. >>> the pilot who became a celebrity after landing a plane in the hudson river has finally re
] >> it is the place d.c. residents love to hate. trips to the inspection station will no longer be a requirement for owning a car and washington d.c.. >> i don't like standing in this line. >> they will put the brakes on the safety inspection program. the council approved the mayor pose a program as a way to save $400,000 a year. -- the mayor's program as a way to save $4,000 -- $400,000 a year. >> i keep it in good shape anyway. >> some motorists don't agree. >> i think it is a dumb idea. some area residents have cars that need to be inspected. >> aaa says a recession is the worst time to do away with this program. >> you know your brakes are making noises and probably need replacement. but that is $500, i think galloway. >> mechanics say the bottom-line impact will be more on safe cars on the road. >> it may not be a good idea. i think it is good for the safety of the consumers to be inspected on a regular basis. >> vehicles used for commercial purposes will still have to go through annual inspections. privately-owned vehicles will only have to undergo emissions tests every two years. reportin
rstand so she walking the suspect pushed the woman to the ground. the woman was not hurt. >>> a d.c. man is going to spend four years in prison after selling sex with girls. he pleaded guilty. prosecutors say he sold cocaine to that acquaintance. he will have to register as a sex offender. >>> michael veeckad some words of warning today for high-school students. he spoke about the dangers of peer pressure and why he now thinks dogfighting is wrong. he was recently allowed to rejoin the nfl. he has promised to work with the humane society. >>> get ready to pay more if you ride metro trains or buses. fares could be going up to help close a huge budget deficit. greta kreuz is live in northeast washington. >> i should point out, nothing has been decided. last year, metro cut hundreds of jobs, cut out bus routes, and dipped into their reserve. this year, another bleak forecast. officials say there is no more fat to trim. the last increase was back in january 2008 but no one we talked to wants to see another one. >> it is high enough. >> i am not in favor of raising fares. >> would you prefer
. >> thank you. >>> one ma isrers othu hurt after a shooting in northwest d.c. police say the men were in a backyard and someone fired several shots from an alley. one man died on the scene. >>> students said georgetown university are on alert after another break-in. it happened after a break-in at on sunday morning. police said a man got in through an unlocked door. the woman screamed and the man took off. >>> things seem to be back to normal for prince george's county high school students. a scheduling glitch is said to be fixed w. the error caused 8000 students to have empty or incorrect schedules. the school now plans to offer extended day clinics for students who missed some school time. >>> a new report is out on violence at d.c. public schools. schools made it 3500 emergency calls to d.c. police. more than 900 of these calls cited a violent incidents including assaults and sex offenses. 1400 calls involved property incidents. the remaining calls were for attacks such as drug offenses, suicide, and disorderly conduct. >>> a lawsuit to stops toll hikes could cause some problems. t
, the mother says. -- bullied her son, the mother says. >>> d.c. officials have arrested a person -- a 17-year-old who killed a woman with a gun. of men and hit her instead. >>> it 14-year-old girl was hit by a car and from high into the air right in fnt of a school bus. >> there were more than a dozen waiting for the school bus. they were on their way to cross. what you're abouto see happen right in front of them. the 14-year-old girl was just a few steps from safety. she was crossing brinkley rd. when out of nowhere, a car appeared. she was hit in front of a crowd of schoolmates. >> i can't believe i saw something like that. >> the car came outf nowhere and hit her. >> she landed on the sidewalk, so i ran over there to hurt and put it track -- and put a jacket -- and put a jacket over her leg. >> the car then hit a minute -- a minivan occupied by a father and three young children. in all, seven people were injured. the 14-year-old was in by far the greatest danger. >> they had to see her. she was already crossing the street. >> there was no question that they and people we talked to were sha
would allow a person to be protected. >> at the opening of a new d.c. aides clinic named for tv star and aids activist blair underwood, the vaccine came as a big surprise and was greeted with joy and caution. >> the issue that we have 38 million people around the globe who are hiv, or aids, 38 million, anything that can change that is a good thing. >> d.c.'s infection rate is the highest in the country and rifles nigeria, even if researchers develop a vaccine there will be a lot of people in washington living and dying from the disease. >> it's almost embarrassing its happening in our nation's capital. >> reporter: vaccines normally work by triggering a patient to produce antibodies, these work direct differently in. >> in future studies to try to modify that and amplify that to go from a 31% protection to a much more desirable level like 70 or 80% protection. >> half of the 16,000 volunteers got a placebo and half the real vaccine. the u.s. military hiv research program says in the following year 74 people who got the placebo ended up infected. the rate was lower among those who got
d.c. mayor adrian fenty is doing? we put that question to d.c. residents in our survey. 51% of the people surveyed said they disapproved. 40% approve. 9% are not sure. we also asked how they feel the mayor is, more focused on at the community's sneed or his own political career? 58% felt that he was more focused on his own career. >>> supreme court justice ruth bair ginsberg is out of the hospital and back at work. the 76-year-old justice became ill at her office yesterday. she spent the night at the hospital as a precaution, but was back this afternoon. she underwent surgery and chemotherapy earlier this year for pancreatic cancer. >>> time to check the weather for the weekend. chief meteorologist doug hill has a first look. >> it is not all terrible news from the belfort furniture weather center. first, temperatures, cooling off, cloudy skies, 60 leesburg, 63 in the district, 60 woodbridge. overnight, mostly cloudy, 54-60. the big story, the rain d the timing. the storm scan, ran off to the west. more is beyond the picture. it is drifting off to the east. most of the rain
of the economy. we have the torah of the little ghost town in the heart of washington d.c.. >> there are 20 brand-new house is ready to be occupied. they are vacant instead and boarded up. >> what was meant to be a suburban like community in the southeast of d.c. -- instead of a bustling area, it is deserted. >> i think of how downhill the world is going. >> only one in 20 homes is occupied. he is turning the home into a boarding house. meanwhile, the only activity the other houses sea is an occasional vandalism-- see is occasional vandalism. realtors say it is unfortunate that when some many people need housing, these are homes sit empty. they say is -- it is a view that is going to waste. he apparentlwalked away. now that the project is in bankruptcy, someone else will likely pick up this real-estate fraction of what is owed. the homes will go on the market. they hope to have some neighbors eventually. >> beautiful neighborhood, beautiful houses. when the economy ge better, it will definitely sell. >> we expect them to be priced somewhere between the two and $50,000.350000 dollars. >>> the hous
to to blame? concerns remain about fire hydrants after a fire destroyed a home. a d.c. councilman says the chief is the problem. >>> and news4 midday begins right now. >>> good moerpg morning to you. >> it's friday, september 25th, 2009. we begin with breaking news from pittsburgh. a dramatic start to the g-20 summit. and allegations came in a joint statement with the leaders of britain and france. the white house says iran kept the nuclear facility from weapons inspectors, but the u.s. had long known of its existence. president obama called for action. >> iran is breaking rules that all nations must follow, endangering the that proliferation regime, and threatening the stability of the world. it's time for iran to act immediately to restore the con if you duns of the international community by fulfilling its international obligations. >> the president says iran had until december to fully disclose its nuclear ambitions or it will face nuclear sanctions. the r >>> explosive allegations at th summit came after clashes of protesters and police. and police say they arrested about 25 prote
's cool. 69 degrees. humidity 61%. winds out of the north and east here in d.c. at 18 miles per hour and you can see the flag flying. here is your forecast. and it doesn't get much better today, mostly cloudy, showers expected by this a breezy and cool with high temperatures only in the low 70s. so that's about 10 degrees or so below where it should be. i'll be back in a couple of minutes to look at the forecast for the weekend and we'll have some sunshine out there and i'll let you know when that will arrive coming up. >>> another big story this morning, a deadly crash shuts down part of route 7. >> it appears a car rear-ended a dumptruck. thupassenger in the car died but the driver ran off. this happened around 1:30 this morning at the intersection of east market street and battlefield parkway and matt acland is live at the scene with the latest. matt, what is going on? >> reporter: allison, good morning. the driver of that car who ran away is currently being questioned by police at the nearby leesberg police station. just to give you an idea of the force of this impact, we are tol
and there is a penalty for drivers who don't do it. now the d.c. government says safety inspections for cars are no longer necessary. the city calls it a cost-saving measure, but it comes as a surprise to many drivers. tracee wilkins has more on what some say is safety versus savings. >> reporter: a trip to the inspection safety station can be a long wait. they say they don't mind if it means making the world usa come october, safety inspections for passenger vehicles in d.c. will end. only commercial vehicles, limos and cabs will face the safety inspection. emission tests for all vehicles will continue. >> we are starting to question why are we doing some of the things we are doing? >> reporter: officials say cutting inspections will save the city $400,000 as they work to balance the budget. >> there is no clear evidence that shows safety inspection has a reduction in accidents. i can understand people believe they do. they believe they serve some purpose. without hard evidence saying they do, the government needs to question why are we doing something in wch there is no evidence that shows
developments in the bribery case against a senior d.c. council staff member. ted loza is chief of staff for d.c. councilman jim graham. loza was arrested yesterday. he is accused of accepting bribes to help promote legislation involving taxi cabs in the city. graham decided to delay that legislation all together. tom sherwood is here with more on this story. tom? >> no matter what this taxi bill is supposed to do, the criminal case now makes it suspect. a day after jim graham's chief of staff ted loza appeared in federal court on allegations he influenced taxi cab allegations, graham is postponing a hearing next week on the bill. he insisted his top aide had nothing to do with writing the bill. >> let me be clear. nothing that mr. loza may or may not have done had any impact on this legislation. this results from a lot of people's efforts over a long period of time. >> reporter: the fib raided graham's office thursday looking for clues involving the chief of staff and allegations he received at least $1,500 in payment, trips and other gifts. loza pleaded not guilty in court thursday and his law
. there are new developments in the case of a murdered pizza shop owner in northern d.c. investigators are looking into allegations a member of the d.c. police department may have assisted the suspect after the murder. pat collins joins us live in northeast washington with more. >> reporter: yes, tonight an apparent suicide by metropolitan police department detective after he's questioned about an alleged association with the pizza mark murder suspect. police say last night at his mother's home in forestville, they found the body of d.c. police directive terrance green. they say it's an apparent suicide. detective green was assigned to the fifth police district in northeast washington. sources tell news4 that a short time before his death, investigators questioned detective green about his alleged association with pizza mart murder suspect shaniqa robinson. charged with the murder of the owner of that pizza mart. investigators are looking into allegations a member of the d.c. police department may have provided assistance to suspect robinson after that murder. sources say at this point no charges
of northwest d.c. was killed. police have for the released the identities of the other victims but sources say one of them may have been se to testify as a witness to another shooting. police to not have a description of the suspect at this point. >>> police are look for the public's help to solve the murders of two virginia tech students. bodies of 18-year-old heidi childs and 19-year-old david metzler were found in a parking lot. the sheriff's office want to speak to anyone in that area last wednesday or thursday. >>> a disturbing case in georgetown has people wondering if the so-called swroarjtown cuddler has struck again. -- georgetown cuddler has struck again i'm group of georgetown university students said the man sat down next to a girl on the sofa. she jumped up and told him to leave. he did. several similar attacks have happened in the past year. >>> police in herndon say a man woke up to find three men standing over him. it happened about 3:30 in the morning. the men attacked the victim and searched the home. if you know anything about this incident, call 866-411 tips. >>> swine flu
would much rather be in washington, d.c. today where thousands and thousands of people, the official estimate is 60,000 people, i used to live in washington, d.c., can you bring the full screenshot of the top screen behind me, please? yeah. that is from the steps of the capitol. i lived in washington. more than 60,000, we will go with the official numbers today. i'm not in a good mood because i would rather be there quite honestly and standing in the crowd with people. and the other thing is i spent an hour in traffic. that is how out of control our government is. here in new york, they had a labor day parade today, the week after labor day. nobody stood and watched it. it was labor unions walking down the street and so they closed traffic here in new york. it was i felt festive. now, we go to washington, d.c. the people are calling this an antitax tea party, maybe it is. personally, i think this is a collection of people who have never probably marched before. they never protested for or against anything before. this is a collection of americans who want both parties to stop with th
is there with details on all this. what can you tell us? >> council members questioned both the head of d.c. fire and ems as well as the head of the water and sewerxd authority abot why the two agencies have not been working together since two major fires in 2007. that was the first time we saw the sue of hydrants and low water pressure in the city. again in july of 2009, this past july, we saw the issue of low water pressure come to light a fire on chain bridge road. it took firefighters to locate a major water main and then fight that fire. again, council members today say that it is not just the issue of hydrants but teamwork between the two agencies, that they need to have better plans in place to work together and make sure that residents and businesses are protected. >> need to have a full assessment both of the manes, the water flgwj the access, and a plan of action. we need someone appointed by the mayor whose job is to be the point person to make sure all that happens. until that happens, i have no onfidence that this is going to be done properly. >> both d.c. fire and ems say they are w
death in washington d.c. >> i am mad as heck, aren't you? >> yeah. >> more strong emotions over health care reform. the message tonight for a maryland congressman caught in the middle. >> and crying tears of blood. what doctors are offering to do to try to help a 15-year-old with a strange medical condition. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, this is fox 45 news "late edition". >> hello again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer gilbert is off tonight. murder of two women in anne arundel county leads to a police chase and death of a suspect. women found dead inside of a home in lothian. and police caught up with the suspect on minnesota and capital streets in washington d.c. keith daniels live at anne arundel police headquarters with the latest on the story tonight. keith? >> police have identified the victims. their names are sherrill tim mons, and shena blanford. police shot the husband. braunford broke into his home and shot and killed his estranged wife shen and her sister cheryl. happened this morning in the 200 block of lol way in lothian. one neighbor called blanford a
voiced their frustration at two separate events, one at howard university. >> we have many d.c. residents saying they want health care reform. they want to know their medical costs will be controlled and that they will have covere if they change jobs. the question becomes if any of the coverage on the table with the delivers that. >> the controversy over health care [unintelligible] >> i am not insurable. >> she is now without a job and health insurance expires this month. >> which basically means i will end up losing my home, i will lose the ability to care for my daughter. >> the concerned d.c. delegate eleanor holmes addressed the town hall meeting tonight. she said compromise is the only chance at making reform a reality. >> we cannot let t bill go down this time. >> speaking to the afl-cio labor union, president obama today emphasized the urgency. a call to action that howard university community is taking to heart. they're passing out fliers and encouraging students to contact their legislators. hundreds gathered today to form a rally. recent college graduates nationwide are struggl
bring the children to play. he stabbing cos on the heels of a violent weekend in d.c. tonight the people living there say enough is enough. fox 5 news wisd martin has more on the story. >> reporter: well, brian, imagine if you are sitting in the park one minute and the next minute a big fight breaks out, and there are people running up the street throwing punches. that is exactly what happened at a park in d.c. today right in front of a big crowd of people. a normally quiet evening at pierce park quickly turns into a problem. a fight breaks out between the two men. nancy was walking her dog. >> and i kind of thought maybe it was not as safe here as i thought it was. >> reporter: nancy says immediately she called 911, by then, the fight moved to the park to the median up the street near her home. one of the men were stabbed. >> there was a guy lying in the street and somebody else here by the fence. and the knife was down inside. >> reporter: the bloody knife was right beside her plants. commissioner said. >> there were a group of guys, threatening each other, definitely intense, one thre
here subject to a five-year penalty. >>reporter: there were similar results in d.c., but they were kicked out of those offices in other states. >>suzanne collins, thank you. the u.s. census bureau was gathering data from acorn, but they've cut those ties since the video surfaced. >>>flu watch report now t h1n1 virus has now claimed the life of a college student. a cornell university student died with complications related to the swine flu. doctors are reminding people that young people are particularly at risk for this virus. >>this particular flu, this pandemic flu virus that has been circulating in the spring and is now in the schools is a virus that's generally a mild disease, but it affects young individuals. every once in a while you get someone who gets seriously ill and dies. >>there's good news when it comes to the vaccine due out in october. it apparently works with one dose, not two as previously predicted. that means twice as many people can get the vaccine. officials say young people and pregnant women will be the priority. >>>president obama held a health care rally in
to execute convicted d.c. sniper john allen mohammed as soon as possible. the state sent a letter to a circuit court in ma thannous requesting an execution date of november 9th. a jury sentenced mohammed to death for the murder of one of ten people killed in the 2002 shooting rampage in our area. >>> another candidate will join the race to be the district's next mayor. he will challenge d.c. mayor adrian fenty for the city's top job next year. alexander is a former news 4 reformer. he's also done communications work for d.c. general hospital and the d.c. housing authority. >>> elevator problems put a crip in the plans to visit this afternoon. the elevator broke down about 1:00 p.m. nobody got stuck on the elevator but those at the top of the monument had to walk down nearly 900 steps. national park rangers had to help a handful of them get down. >>> still to come -- chlorine being linked to an increased risk of asthma among children. >>> a woman fell onto the tracks just before a train passed right over her. >>> and >>> smokers are finding it more and more difficult to find a plac
. that is the day prosecutors requested d.c. sniper john muhammad, be executed. he was the man behind the sniper attacks, sentenced to death for killing dean meyer, one of several killed in the region. muhammad's attorney says he will appeal the execution request for the supreme court. >>> and it was a year now since the economy collapsed. today, president obama was in new york accusing wall street ignoring the lessons learned. a year ago, there were more losses, leading to a financial crisis. president obama says that while the economy is pulling back from ruin, financial giants shouldn't hope for more bailouts. >> those on wall street can't resume taking risks without regard for consequences and "that the taxpayers of america will break their fall. >> the administration is calling for a new consumer financial protection agency to protect the people and better government banking over site to stop it from happening again. >>> now on wall street, dow finishing un21 points, nasdaq climb his almost 11, s&p just over six and a half. >>> we're tracking some possible movement now in the health care ba
after the supreme court struck down the similar d.c. handgun ban last year. the justices voted 5-4 in that ruling. they will now decide whether that ruling applies to local and state laws. deliberations are scheduled to begin next year. >>> first lady michelle obama arrived in denmark this morning. she's helping in the final bid for chicago to host the 2016 olympics. mrs. obama was met at the airport in copenhagen by chicago mayor richard daly and his wife. among the final four in the competition to host the summer games, chicago is thought to be in a tight rate with rio de janeiro, madrid and tokyo were considered less likely to win the invitation. president obama will arrive in copenhagen tomorrow night to help pitch chicago. >>> john travolta was back on the stand today testifying he was the victim of an extortion plot. witnesses in the courtroom said travolta showed no emotion when he told the court how he was blackmailed by a paramedic, who threatened to sell stories to the news media, suting that travolta was at fault for the death of his 16-year-old son, jett. the par medi
of the trend is the clouds are moving out of here. our wind now out of the north. 72 the temperature in d.c. 70 in springfield. 68 in quantico and 69 in pax river. there is the front south of our area. again, enough cloud cover around and those early morning showers. by 9:00 and 11:00, skies will be partly cloudy. first thing tomorrow back to cloud cover over the area. they will be increasing. after midnight, it will be a cool and wet saturday coming up. we'll talk about how cool and september sunshine for our sunday. will we have any? we'll talk more about that with a look at the seven-day in a few minutes. back to you. >> we'll see you then. thank you. >>> more fuel added to the fire today about the city's response to a big summer blaze that gutted the home of former school board president peggy cooper during the city council hearing today. council member phil mendelson criticized the fire department's response. the department says it had trouble fighting the blaze because of poor water flow. mendelson says the pipes weren't the problem, that fire fighters made a tacticle mistake tapping into
's mother says it's time to move. >> no. we don't want to be in d.c. now no longer. we have to go. we cannot walk up and down the street and feel safe. there is no way. >> reporter: the wounded teens are expected to be okay. no word on any arrests here. went yeah, back to you. >> thank you, pat. >>> investigators think a medical emergency caused a driver to slam head-on onto a ride-on bus in damascus this afternoon. the man was in cardiac arrest when they arrived. he was pronounced dead later at a hospital. the bus driver and one passenger were hurt and also taken to the hospital. >>> police areesnv itigating an ni12,100tck blo12,100erckndwpeir wasom walking me. was walking n when aanerra ged her h from er htho t dhe.ou her to the gr struggled and he took off to west ox road. the woman was not seriously hurt. > heavy weather out to the east >> we did. south and east. all with the low pressure hugging the coast. it's now south of us around the outer banks. there you can see that easterly wind. all the rain that is through south eastern virginia. boy, the toechls have been high down there. lo
tonight, the d.c. sniper responsible for 21 days of terror. tonight the date for his death is set. >>> good evening. i'm brian olter. >>> i'm shawn yancy. a judge set november 10 as the date john allen muhammad will be sentenced to death for his role in the attacks. >> reporter: it's been nearly seven years since the rein of terror claimed ten lives and family members have been waiting to see justice served. if the execution date hold, john allen muhammad will be put to death by lethal injection november 10. it is set to take place at virginia's greenville correctional center, the so- alled d.c. area sniper causes sentenced to death in virginia for the murder of dean myers. myers was shot at a manassas gas station during a three-week killing spree during october of 2002. a total of ten people were killed in maryland, virginia, and the district. former montgomery county states attorney now maryland attorney general doug gansler prosecuted muhammad as an insurance policy after his conviction in virginia. >> it's seven years after these murders took place. they took place all over th
is running for mayor of d.c. the ceo of alexander solutions and former tv news reporter will officially kick off his campaign tonight on the southwest waterfront. in the meantime d.c. mayor adrian fenty is holding a reelection fund-raiser at a home in southeast. >>> we are following a developing story out of d.c. a violent weekend in northeast. another shooting was reported in the sixs district late last night. this in addition to two other shootings over thweekend. both deadly. fox 5's stacy coha nervous system joins us live on the scene of the latest incident with details. stacey. >> reporter: i've been reporting all morning about two homicides in the district, this weekend in the sixth district. take a look at what we found here. this is just off of hayes street in northeast washington. cars riddled with bullets. residents told us that it happened around 10:00 sunday evening. they heard a flurry of gunshots. some of the residents tell us they were diving under their beds. when they finally came out and the dust cleared, numerous cars all up and down this row had been shot up. now, fortuna
underwood who is joining the fight to prevent the disease. he's talking about a new treatment center in d.c. live here in the 8:00 hour. >>> and in the 9:00 hour, they are world famous for their kick line and they are already preparing for the upcoming holiday shows and they'll be in d.c. performing too. we'll get a lesson from the rockettes. >> i didn't know that. you're getting a lesson? >> and so are you, and so is gwen. >> well it's a good thing gwen is here. because she can dance. >> i'm kicking up my heels. >>> it's sticky and muggy outside. tucker picks a good day to be off. 73 at national airport, 72 at dulles and 73 at baltimore this morning. cooler to the west. 69 in roanoke and 64 in pittsburgh because of a cold front that will start to slide through, cooler conditions behind it that we'll feel later on in the week. 73 degrees in boston. as far as skies are concerned. we had a bit of wet weather through the course of yesterday. now well to the east of us. some clouds but we are not quite out of the clear. we do have a chance of seeing a shower by the course of the afternoon. heri
of evidence in this crash could come from the d.c. police camera just across the intersection here at florida and connecticut avenues. tonight we know the major crash team has already taken a look at that footage. there are still lots of questions about how this rush hour pedestrian collision could have happened. investigators say the jogger was likely in the crosswalk heading north on connecticut avenue about 8:30 in the morning. the metro bus was headed east on florida avenue crossing connecticut when the crash happened. witnesses say the jogger had very serious injuries. >> she was in really bad shape. it's just absolutely amazing she survived. she was hit here in this intersection. she flew about 60 feet. >> reporter: for now it's unclear who had the right of way. investigators spent hours pouring over the crash site talking to witnesses and examining the metro bus inside and out. metro says there were no passengers on the bus and the driver is a nine-year veteran. the bus was fitted with cameras both inside and out but its recording device was somehow missing. that's something metro will
>>> for three weeks the killing spree terrorized the entire d.c. area. now the mastermind behind the sniper attacks knows the day ledie. a virginia judge has set the date for john allen muhammad's execution. tuesday, november 10. muhammad got his death sentence for the murder of dean myers shot at a manassas gas station in october 2002. in all muhammad and his teenage accomplice lee boyd malvo killed ten people in d.c., maryland and virginia. fox 5's will thomas spoke to one of the snipers' surviving victims about the execution date. >> reporter: he was a restaurant owner leaving for the night. paul got into his car, shut the door and he remembers hearing the explosion eggs of glass. he lived to tell the -- -- the explosion of blahs. he lived to tell the story. >> he killed ten people and justice is justice. but it was a funny feeling to feel that it was really here, that it finally arrived. >> reporter: he is a sniper victim who survived an ambush attack september 5, 2002. >> he shot me through this arm, in my chest and my stomach, my diaphragm and my spine. >> reporter: he says
to violentusic. >>> the chief of staff to a powerful d.c. council member is under arrest tonight, accused of taking bribes. d.c. bureau chief sam ford is live about the -- with the accusations made against the employee. >> a federal indictment says that 45-year-old jeff accepted cash, gifts, and trips in exchange for his influence over taxicab legislation. the fbi raided his office at the wells and building this afternoon. -- at the wilson building this afternoon. gramm, who is chairing a meeting at the metro board, returned to his office after hearing the fbi was there. >> we will cooperate fully with the federal bureau of investigation. >> he immediately called a meeting behind closed doors. the permanent resident from ecuador has been the chief of staff for five years. it all involved jack seat -- taxicabs. he wanted hybrids and a medallion system for d.c. and was paying off people. >> i am happy to see you all the time. i know, it is for you. the fbi paper says that the envelope containing $1,000 cash -- according to court papers, the brighter met with losa and graham. today, he denid
yesterday, these two d.c. acorn workers seem to be advising that so-called pimp and prostitute on how to set up a fake business, how to hide theimoney and how to lie to police if caught. now the housing agency is scrambling to explain it all. no one answered at acorn's d.c. housing office today, but back in july film maker and conservative activist james o'keefe posed as a law student and pimp, an associate posed as his girlfriend. they came to the office with a hidden camera asking for a housing loan and they were very upfront. >> my girlfriend is a prostitute. >> okay. >> and i don't know if-- >> i kind of figured that. >> reporter: the first employee tells them they need to set up a business. >> [ indiscernible ] >> it's not just any service. this is why everyone has den identified us because they don't want to break the law. i don't want be ineligible because i'm breaking some law. >> you're not following what i'm saying. >> reporter: a second employee subjects the so-called law student apply for the loan in his own name as the landlord. >> so i can be the one basically put up the house
was not seriously hurt. >>> if you -- d.c. police are asking for your help on this one, putting the brakes on a cab crime spree. taxi drivers in the district are being targeted by an armed robber. investigators have a sketch of a possible suspect. fox 5's bob barnard live in our newsroom with details. >> reporter: brian, d.c. police don't have a suspect by name, but they do by face. and here it is. the sketch of a man who has stolen cash and car keys from cabbies at gunpoint at least three times this month. it appears to be open season on cab drivers in the district. at least those who work the streets of northeast washington. d.c. police are investigating a series of armed robberies and believe one man as depicted in this just released composite sketch has committed at least three of the crimes. >> he's taking a cab and once inside he goes to a particular area of the 5th district and then he's demanding -- he has the cab stop and demands the money, displays a weapon or appears to display a weapon. >> reporter: then takes the money. the cabby's keys and runs off. nobody has been hurt so far but pol
on legislation pertaining to taxis in d.c. what is the dfense say? defense attorney pleasant broadnay told reporters his client is not guilty and said the individual passing money to the chief of staff is good friends with loza. according to the attorney when the entire context between the two men is understood, you will see mr. loza is not guilty of briber, that is likely to be the plea entered in court across the street some time in the next hour. we'll have more later, laura. >> and very interesting equients. i am sure we'll learn more in the coming days. >>> meantime, council member graham is talking about the arrest of the chi of staff. the team coverage continues with paul gner live at the wilson building. paul? >> reporter: jim graham learned of the investigation not from the fbi but from ted loza himself, saying he's extremely troubled by the charges and saidthat teddy loza worked for him for 9 years, five as the chief of staff. he said he trusted teddy loza. jim graham invited the media into his office earlier today and reacted to the charges. jim graham said he was at a metro boa
the bus driver could soon face charges. >>> two more arrests now in the murder of a d.c. business owner. he was found beaten to death in a pizza mart last month. police arrested two for the murder. court documents reveal the suspect married rana's brother in exchange for money so he could get a green card. >>> joy taplet was last seen thursday. she's 4foot ten inches, about a hundred pounds. anyone with information is asked to call police. >>> new details tonight about a scandal that has rocked d.c. city hall. jail graham's advisor busted on bribe charges. fox 5 matt ackland has the latest on the bribery bust. >> reporter: jim gramm told us he -- jim graham told us he has nothing to hide. the charges against his chief of staff came as a surprise [ inaudible ] are you expecting any? >> no, i am not. >> reporter: when federal authorities did search lowe's -- loza's office, they were looking for information about several organizations, including according to the search warrant united fleet management and fiesta, d.c. >> in terms of united fleet management, to my reaction i have had no conn
outside buzz i think they know how to act when they come to d.c. and d.c. really knows how to act. the town meeting was characterized as much by the stability as by the diversity. he can't tell you whether there were more back or white people there because it was so diverse, or whether there were more old or young people because it was so diverse. when a woman in her 20s get up and say i'm a cancer survivor. and young people think they're invincible. you know that everybody has been heard from, just the loudest voices and the most touching testimonies came from the three p.m. who set the attorney for the meeting. those were people who struggled within the present healthcare system. a young woman with asthma had to pay more than they can afford bubecause she has a preexisting condition. a man with life-long diabetes and hypertension worked on commission. when he didn't have the commission and no job, he had to go to his physician and get him to give him samples to keep his high blood pressure medicine up which he has to have or he will die. these are the stories we heard. this is r
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